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Really thankful !

first post: KerryChina wrote: Thank your awsome work! Hope you can keep woking in~!

SSL Support

first post: wdavidsen wrote: Do you know if SSL certificates can be configured using Directory S...

latest post: Marcel81 wrote: I don't know. Might look into it sometime.

No IIS Web Service Metabase entry

first post: jleherpeur wrote: Hello,I'm using your code as a dll referenced in a WebService,but i...

latest post: Marcel81 wrote: This sounds like a access rights issue. You will need rights to man...

Update to 4.0?

first post: wdavidsen wrote: Hello and thanks for the great library. I was wondering if you wer...

latest post: Marcel81 wrote: I have added support for ASP.NET 4.0. Please download the new version.

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