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Manage IIS 6 in .NET. Create and modify websites, application pools, virtual directories, etc.

If you ever needed to automate the creation of web applications, application pools, virtual directories, etc. you might find this IIsManager ClassLibrary I made to be very useful. Using the System.DirectoryServices namespace to manage IIS 6 is not very straightforward, so I decided to wrap IIS 6 into these classes;
  • IIsService
  • IIsApplicationPool
  • IIsSite
  • IIsDirectory
  • IIsFile
  • IIsVirtualDirectory
After instantiating the IIsService class, you can use it to iterate through sites (using LINQ if you want), adding or removing them, and set properties on them.

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Example usage to create a website, set it to use ASP.NET 2.0, create an application pool and set the website to use it, changes access permissions on a directory and creates a virtual directory containing a web application:

' Instantiate an IIsService which represents the W3SVC service on the localhost.
Using IIsSvc = New IIsService
    ' Creates an IIsSite.
    Using testsite = IIsSvc.AddSite("TestSite", "c:\inetpub\testsite", "")
        ' Sets AccessPermissions to allow reading and executing scripts (.aspx).
        testsite.AccessPermissions = AccessPermissionFlags.Read + AccessPermissionFlags.Script
        ' Sets the website to use ASP.NET 2.0
        testsite.ASPNETVersion = ASPNETVersions.v2_0_50727
        ' Create an IIsApplicationPool.
        Dim testpool = IIsSvc.AddAppPool("testpool")
        ' Set the site to use the new application pool.
        testsite.ApplicationPoolId = testpool.Id
        ' Creates an IIsDirectory and changes the AccessPermissions to allow writing to it.
        ' Note that the physical directory already has to exist since we're just creating
        ' metabase information.
        Using images = testsite.AddDirectory("images")
            images.AccessPermissions = AccessPermissionFlags.Read + AccessPermissionFlags.Write
        End Using
        ' Creates an IIsVirtualDirectory and creates a Web application in it.
        Using newapp = testsite.AddVirtualDirectory("newapp", "c\inetpub\newapp")
            newapp.AccessPermissions = AccessPermissionFlags.Read + AccessPermissionFlags.Script
        End Using
        ' Starts the website. It is stopped at creation by default.
    End Using
    ' Because the classes implement IDisposable, the Dispose method is automatically called
    ' at 'End Using'.
End Using
Download the ClassLibrary or the Source Code here!

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